Madras Event Company is an artistic and creative event management company based in Chennai. It is formed by a group of free-thinking and hardworking individuals who strive to transform all the events into eternal memories for our clients to behold.

We believe that the art of storytelling enchants the human mind. Thus, we weave a heart-warming tale in all the events that we manage. We are boastful about our modern, innovative, and lifestyle-based services that remain unsurpassed in the marketplace.

The thoughtful and aesthetic approach that we put forth in all our events has garnered us accolades and praise from our clients. We put in every ounce of effort in creating memorable experiences that stir up emotions and nostalgia for all the people aligned with us.

Our core belief in transcending events into souvenirs for our customers to reminisce and relish, even after years later, marks us as the steadfast event management company in Chennai.


We believe in serving clients with strategically sound creative ideas. Our expertise drives us to deliver the best solutions to our clients across every sector.


We always tend to go an extra mile to deliver a real time magnificent & enthralling event for our audiences.


We are known for the dedicated teamwork & excellence of production under diverse & difficult situations.


We provide the best event management services with affordable and reasonable fees that surpasses expectations


Madras Event Company aspires to enhance the art of event planning and execution with our creative and innovative insights. We strive to transform all the events into everlasting memories through our value-driven services. We are ardent in focusing and bringing out the uniqueness and peculiarities of our client’s desire in the events. We promise extraordinary experiences and exceptional events to all our clients.


We seek to be the leader in event management that understands and gratifies all the wishes of our clients. We prioritize providing quality services over quantity any day, making us the most reliable company in the field of event management. We are determined to touch countless lives by giving a magical touch to all their events. Our ambitious vision is to build life-long, loyal relationships with our customers by exceeding all their expectations and upholding our trait of conducting events at the scheduled time.


One of our core beliefs is to be punctual with the events. Our team at Madras Event Company understands the importance of conducting events at the said time, and we promise to work efficiently to deliver all our services promptly. We also believe that our creative insights make us stand out in the crowd, and we endeavor to provide the best creative outputs for all our clients. We are customer-friendly, and we work closely with all our clients to understand their heart’s desire and plan for an event that is best suited for them.

“The most Successful events are the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations”