Intimate home weddings are on trend now, and we are experts in making your close-knit affairs graceful. A home wedding or a micro wedding is a small ceremony, typically with no more than 50 guests. They are cost effective, and highly customizable to your heart’s content.


Namma Chennai is home to many exquisite beaches, and beach weddings are the most sought after by young couples. Our hard-working team have profound experience in hosting blissful beach weddings amidst stunning views.


Wedding reception is the newlyweds’ first celebration as a married couple. Receptions usually take place in a relaxed setting, and we infuse party vibes to ensure maximum entertainment for your guests. We organize extravagant entrance for the couple and amusing events for your special evening.


Sangeet or musical night is a pre-wedding gala ceremony held for the two families to bond. Our talented DJ and well-crafted dance floors will make your guests rave about your Sangeet night.


All of the traditional functions begin with a Mehendi ceremony. They are held for the bride-to-be and her friends a day before the wedding. This fun-filled event will have the women of the family adorning with the henna paste and designs.


These parties are usually thrown for the groom to mark the end of his bachelor life. Planning for a fun-filled beach party? Or a simple chill-at-home party? We have got you covered. We promise to deliver exciting events along with our package.

“The most Successful events are the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations”


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